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10 Last Minute Canna-Christmas Gifts


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Put a smile on their face with a little something green tucked inside.

A Last-minute Gift for Mom

For most people, making sure to spoil their mom on Christmas day is a big priority. After all, moms are the heart of the family!

If you want to surprise your mother with a canna-gift, you can’t go wrong with the Jar Co. Berry Gelato vape. It has a delicious, sweet flavor that’s reminiscent of an Italian dessert. It will also make mom feel euphoric without rendering her incapacitated.

A Last-minute Gift for Dad

Finding a festive gift for your pops can sometimes be tough, but fear not: We found the perfect canna-Christmas present for your father.

Treat him to a bottle of Shipyard Pumpkinhead THC Elixir, which is a flavorful beer infused with a low dose of cannabis. The beverage will have him feeling nice, merry, and mellow.

Last-minute Gift for a Significant Other

When buying gifts for the special person in your life, it’s often wise to give them something you can enjoy together. That way, you can score some unique QT with your sweetie.

We suggest gifting them with Rugged Rose Suncake, a flower that lifts you into a blissful state while relaxing your body. Imagine a makeout session while under that spell!

Last-minute Gift for Grandparents

While you might think that gifting your grandparents with a canna-Christmas present is a bit risky, there truly is something for everyone when it comes to this awesome herb.

Surprise grandma and grandpa with Wellness Connection Classic Salve, a quick-acting topical ointment with both THC and CBD. They’ll love being pain-free and in a pleasant mood.

A Last-minute Gift for Brother

If you’re lucky enough to have a brother, don’t just get him the same old thing you get him every year. Why not shake things up with a unique cannabis gift just for him?

We recommend the Divine Buds Moose and Lobsta pre-roll, which is sure to induce feelings of calm and relaxation, along with an energetic joy perfect for Christmas.

A Last-minute Gift for Sister

Looking to surprise your sister with a delicious and relaxing Christmas gift? Chances are she’d be thrilled to receive a present that’s as sweet as she can be.

To that end, hook your sister up with River Driver Root Beer Sweets, a tasty edible that will also provide a balanced and relaxing high. Hopefully she’ll share, too!

Last-minute Gift for Your Cannabis-loving Coworker

What better way to tell a coworker that you appreciate them than the gift of cannabis for Christmas? It certainly conveys that you want them to have a pleasant holiday.

For that reason, surprise them with a Blue Sky Tahoe OG vape. The berries and grass aroma will give them a heady high without trapping them in the sofa.

Last-minute Gift for Your Social Friend

Even the most gregarious and extraverted of people need to rest and recharge once in a while. Bearing that in mind, cannabis will be a welcome present for your social friend.

Consider blowing their mind with the insanely potent Rugged Roots Gorilla Glue. This flower will have anyone completely buzzed for hours, serving as the perfect holiday respite.

Last-minute Gift for Your Introvert Friend

Everyone has at least one friend who is known for being the quiet one, who’s more likely to be found at home with their head in a book than out and about.

Delight them this Christmas with Wellness Connection 1:1 THC:CBD tincture. This super low dose will provide a nice baseline of calm and warmth for the shy ones out there.

Last-minute Gift for Yankee Swap

Secret Santa, white elephant, or yankee swap, holiday gift swaps are both fun and common among friends or with coworkers.

Amuse your gifting circle with CBD Living Bacon Mobility Dog Chews. There’s a good chance the dog lovers will clamber for such a fun, low-potency snack for their pooch.

Giving the Gift of Cannabis

Even if your canna-Christmas gift is a last-minute purchase, the intended recipient doesn’t need to know that. In fact, you may have even given them what they really wanted, as who doesn’t love the wonderful stuff? That’s why you’re sure to surprise and delight with these fun presents.

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