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Start 2022 Off Right With This Wellness Routine


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    Begin by Establishing a Yoga Routine

    The scientific benefits of yoga are well documented, as noted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. They include stress management, weight loss, anxiety reduction, improved mood, and pain relief.

    All of those benefits are great reasons to establish a regular yoga practice, whether you opt for power yoga or instead prefer a gentler form of this moving meditation. There are plenty of options out there.

    In order to get the most out of your yoga practice, supplement with Sweet Dirt Dream Star before you begin. This flower will bring about euphoria without hampering your focus or making you tired, ideal for an optimized stretch session in which you need to be alert.

    Take a Hot Bath at Least Once Per Week

    Pretty much everyone has been more stressed than usual over the last two years, thanks to all of the changes brought on by the novel coronavirus. To that end, relieving stress should be a top priority for you as you roll into 2022.

    One of the easiest ways to chill out is to take a hot bath at least once per week. According to Healthline, doing so can reduce stress, boost immunity, decrease the odds of having a heart attack, and even benefit your blood sugar levels.

    As you soak, have a toke of a Divine Buds Sour Pineapple pre-roll, which will help you shed anxiety and stress. This flower will also increase your energy, rendering you both relaxed and alert after your weekly soak. Then you’re ready for whatever comes next, thanks to cannabis.

    Meditate for a Few Minutes Every Day

    Fewer activities give you a better bang for your buck than meditation. Medical News Today points out that this thousand-year-old practice may have the power to decrease pain and stress, increase brain health and self-control, and more.

    That’s why adopting a meditation practice, even for just five minutes every day, can increase your overall health and wellness, per Verywell Mind. Fortunately, meditating on the reg is actually fairly easy to do.

    To help you look inward, start by a visit to Rose Mary Jane. Cannabis near me in Portland Maine is only a few clicks away. Enjoy Jar Co. Silver Kush, which will give you a clear-headed high with euphoria and happiness in spades. This flower can also help you build awareness and relaxation, the perfect cannabis companion for a mindful look inside yourself.

    Start a Mindfulness Journal

    In addition to yoga and meditation, starting a mindfulness journal is an easy way to reap a bounty of benefits for your mind and body. According to the University of Rochester, journaling beats back depression, anxiety, and stress – sign us up!

    Additionally, journaling can help you better identify your stressors and triggers, which in turn can give you insight about why you react the way you do. It can also aid in quashing negative self-talk, which everyone needs to do in 2022.

    While you’re writing, have a few drops of Wellness Connection 1:1: THC:CBD Tincture. This wonderful, cannabis-infused liquid edible will bring about calm while easing any pain, allowing you to focus clearly on the task at hand: organizing your thoughts.

    Adapt a Mindful Eating Routine

    Everyone knows the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. As per the CDC, eating well increases life expectancy, immunity, strength, muscle growth, and bone health while decreasing your odds of getting heart disease, some forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

    One great way to eat healthy is to adopt a mindful eating practice. In a nutshell, Harvard University says that mindful eating means you use all of your senses to be in the moment with food while consuming it, down to the philosophical level. Eating is pleasurable, after all!

    Before eating a mindful meal, have a mindful pull of a HighNorth Tropical Shortcake pre-roll. This will give you a cerebral boost along with an intense feeling of well-being. What better headspace to be in as you contemplate food and the blissful experience of eating?

    Prioritizing Wellness Pays Off

    Anything that you do to make yourself happier and healthier in 2022 is an act of self-love. That first step into Rose Mary Jane (look up “cannabis near me”) is no different. If you can spend even a modicum of time focused on self-care, you’re sure to reap the benefits of prioritizing YOU. May 2022 bring serenity and actualization for all.

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