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5 Ways To Safeguard Your Stash From Curious Kids


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    It's now easier than ever to get your hands on high-quality cannabis. Adults aged 21 or over can buy marijuana from an adult use dispensary and use it safely in their homes. However, if you plan to store marijuana products at home, it's also important to keep them out of reach of children.

    Fortunately, many products already come in safe, childproof packaging to avoid mishaps. However, you should still take a few steps to keep your stash secure and prevent your products from getting in the wrong hands. With baby safety month in mind, here are 5 ways to safeguard your stash from curious kids.

    1. Make Your Stash Hard To Reach

    As many marijuana users will know, you should store your weed, tinctures, and other products in a cool, dry, place whenever you're not using them. Keeping your products away from heat, light, and moisture can help keep them fresh and potent for longer. Of course, choosing the right storage space can also help keep your stash safe.

    While keeping your weed in a regular kitchen cupboard or drawer can work, it's not the best idea if you have children in the house or if they're likely to visit. Instead, you should find somewhere that's suitable for your stash that also ensures it’s safely out of reach from any curious youngsters.

    You might want to use a high cupboard or shelf to avoid children from discovering your stash. You might even find some space at the top of your wardrobe. If you can't find a suitable cool, dry place, you can also put your stash in a box and put it on top of a dresser or cupboard to make it harder to reach for children.

    2. Use A Lockable Stash Box

    Many people store their weed (and other products) in a stash box or stash jar. Even if you're putting your products in a cool, dry place like a cupboard or closet, using a stash container gives your stash an extra layer of protection. It also helps you keep your products together so they're well-organized and easy to find when you need them.

    However, instead of using the traditional Mason jar or a basic stash box, you should invest in a lockable stash box. Some people use lockable money boxes or similar items. You can also find lockable boxes designed specifically for marijuana products.

    Using a lockable stash box has many benefits. In addition to keeping your stash safe from children, it can also help keep roommates or visitors away from your stash. Of course, it can also help keep your marijuana away from excess heat, light, and moisture, which will help prevent your products from degrading.

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    3. Find Somewhere Private

    Even if you're using a lockable box, it's good to find somewhere private for your stash. Ideally, you don't want your children to stumble upon your stash box and wonder what's inside. That's why it's always best to store your weed somewhere as private as possible.

    Chances are that certain parts of your home are off-limits to guests and children, so utilize these areas for your stash. Your bedroom, home office, or even your garage or backyard shed can work well as long as there's a suitable area to store your weed to keep it safe and fresh.

    You'll still need to find somewhere cool and dry, but there are many suitable options. For example, many people store their stash at the top of their wardrobe. Maybe you have a lockable desk drawer in your home office where you can store your stash. Whichever way, find somewhere your children are less likely to check. This can also keep your stash hidden from nosy visitors.

    4. Don't Store Weed In Your Car

    Many adults use their cars to store all kinds of private things from keys to important documents. Some people even keep their weed stash in their glove compartment or trunk. However, you should avoid this for numerous reasons.

    Children often get restless while sitting in the car and might check what you're stashing in the glove compartment. They might even find a stash in the back of your car while looking for something else. Car burglars could also get their hands on your stash if you leave it in your vehicle.

    On top of that, keeping weed in your car for too long is never a good idea for legal reasons. Even in states where weed is legal, you could get in trouble for having an open container of marijuana in your car. It's best to move it somewhere private within your home as soon as you get the chance.

    5. Keep Products Sealed Before Using Them

    After buying a stash of weed or some new marijuana edibles, you might be tempted to instantly crack open the packaging to smell your goods or check out the bag appeal. However, in many cases, it's better to keep your products sealed before using them.

    Marijuana products often come in childproof packaging, making them especially hard for young children to open. Plus, this kind of packaging is also tamper-proof - you'll know if anyone has tried to open it and this will often deter them from trying.

    After opening your products, it's best to transfer them to another secure container, such as a lockable stash box. Leaving your products in open containers is a bad idea as it means your children could hypothetically sneak small amounts without your knowledge.

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    Even if you have children, storing your marijuana products in the house shouldn't be a problem. As long as you're responsible and store your stash somewhere private and secure, you shouldn't have any issues. The above tips can help you keep your marijuana stash away from curious kids.

    If you smoke in the house, you should also do it somewhere private. You should also do it somewhere with plenty of ventilation to avoid smoke creeping through the house. Of course, you can also use smokeless methods of consumption such as tinctures or edibles. If you're looking for a dispensary in Oakland, CA, or Portland, ME, visit Rose Mary Jane.

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