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Best Cannabis Beverages in 2022


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    Cannabis beverages are by far one of the best ways to get the effects of THC and CBD. Whether you’re looking for a recreational high or simply want the soothing benefits of cannabis, you can get them simply by drinking a refreshing soda, tonic water, or even a cup of cannabis tea.

    Fortunately, you can find a wide selection of cannabis drinks at our Lake Merritt, Oakland Dispensary or even try them first-hand in our new consumption bar. But which ones are the best buys? Here’s our guide to the best cannabis beverages in 2022.

    Cannabis Hops

    Looking for a beverage with the hoppy flavor of beer without the alcohol? If so, you’ll want to try Cannabis Hops. These drinks offer a mix of hops and cannabis, resulting in sharp and refreshing flavors along with potent psychoactive effects. What’s more, you can choose your drink based on what kind of effects you’re looking for.

    Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hoppy Chill THC is a potent, citrusy hops drink that provides 10mg of THC in each bottle, making it great for recreational users. Some users may prefer Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions 5:5 Hoppy Balance, which offers 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for a milder high.

    Those who would prefer to avoid strong effects can try Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Unplugged 18:1 CBD:THC. Each bottle provides 18mg of CBD and just 1mg of THC making it ideal for those looking for a good dose of cannabidiol.

    Cannabis Lemonade and Fruit Drinks

    Looking for a crisp and fruity cannabis-infused drink? If so, you’ll want to try some of our Cannabis Lemonades and Fruit Drinks. These canned and bottled drinks are refreshing and available in various fruit flavors.

    Keef Beverage Lemonade is perfect for cannabis users looking for that classic lemonade flavor. You can pour it over ice or mix it with other ingredients for a tasty mocktail. You can also try Keef Beverage Fruit Punch which offers a blend of tropical fruit flavors. Each bottle contains 100mg of THC, so don’t use too much at once.

    You can also try the Agua De Flor range of cannabis fruit drinks, including Agua De Flor Fresa, Agua De Flor Mango, and Agua De Flor Horchata. These fruity infusions are flavorful and full of THC.

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    Cannabis Powdered Drinks

    Looking for something a little different? Cannabis Powdered Drinks come in pouches - simply open them up and pour them into a glass of water or juice for a flavorful and potent THC-infused drink.

    My-Hi Powdered Drink The Pick Me Up 10-pack gives you 5mg of THC in each pouch, along with 30mg of caffeine and 0 calories. Just open a pouch and stir the powder into your drink for a quick and easy dose of THC. You can also try My-Hi Powdered Drink The Pick-Me-Up 5-pack if you want to try a few before buying more.

    Alternatively, the My-Hi Powdered Drink The Go-Getter 10-pack will give you 10 packs containing 10mg of THC to stimulate you and give you extra energy. Want to try one before buying more? You can also buy My-Hi The Powdered Drink The Go-Getter Single.

    Cannabis Seltzer and Tonics

    Cannabis Seltzer and Cannabis Tonics are all the rage for those who enjoy the vitalizing sensation of seltzer drinks and tonic waters. You might want to mix one of these into a mocktail or simply drink one by itself to enjoy the refreshing flavors.

    Pabst High Seltzer Strawberry Kiwi and Pabst High Seltzer Lemon are mouth-wateringly fruity seltzer drinks from the world-famous brand that brought you Pabst Blue Ribbon. Aside from the delicious flavors they offer, each can will give you 10mg of THC.

    As for cannabis tonics, you might want to try the Cann Hi Boy Beverage Blood Orange Cardamom 4-pack, Cann Hi Boy Beverage Lemon Lavender 6-pack, Artet Tonic Mango Ginger Spritz 4-pack, or Artet Tonic Rosemary Jane 4-pack.

    Cannabis Shots

    Cannabis Shots don’t contain any alcohol, but they’ll give you a quick, concentrated dose of THC to stimulate your mind and soothe your body. They’re similar to energy shots or caffeine shots, only they offer the varied effects of cannabis.

    St. Ides Shot Blue Razz will give you a tantalizing shot with the flavor of blue raspberry. Each 4oz shot contains a whopping 100mg of THC, making it ideal for users with high tolerance levels. You can also try the St. Ides Shot Strawberry Lemonade.

    The Pure Beauty Shot Little Strong Drink is another great option for those who want to try cannabis shots. Each of these 2oz drinks also packs 100mg of THC, giving you sensational effects with a single shot.

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    Cannabis Soda

    If you’re looking for a flavorful and THC-rich carbonated beverage, it’s hard to beat Cannabis Sodas. These cans are perfect for a quick and enjoyable dose of THC, so you might want to fill your fridge with a few flavors.

    Keef Soda Original Cola is one of the best options, especially if you love the classic taste of cola. For another classic flavor, you might want to stock up on Keef Soda Bubba Kush Root Beer. Each of these cans contains 10mg of THC - enough for a great high.

    Looking for some more exciting flavors? You can also buy Keef Soda Purple Passion, Keef Soda Orange Kush, and Keef Soda Blue Razz. With 10mg of THC in each can, you might even want to grab a few flavors.

    Cannabis Teas

    Cannabis Teas are easily among the best cannabis beverages. Not only will they give you all the usual benefits of cannabis, but you’ll also get the natural benefits of tea. Cannabis teas are especially relaxing and excellent for evening or nighttime use.

    You can buy cannabis tea in single pouches that you add to hot water like a tea bag. For instance, you might want to try Kikoko Tea Positivi-Tea Single Pouch 1:2 CBD/THC, Kikoko Tea Sensuali-Tea Single Pouch, or Kikoko Tea Tranquili-Tea Single Pouch 5:3 CBN/THC.

    If you want to stock up on your favorite flavor, you can also buy multi-packs of 10 pouches. For instance, check out the Kikoko Tea Creativi-Tea 10-pack, Kikoko Tea Sympa-Tea 10-pack 20:3 CBD/THC, and Kikoko Tea Positivi-Tea 10-pack 1:2 CBD/THC. Various other options are also available.


    If you’re looking to drink the effects of THC, these are some of the best cannabis beverages you can buy in 2022. You can check out more in our online shop or visit one of our Rose Mary Jane dispensaries in Oakland, CA, or Portland, ME.

    The Lake Merritt, Oakland Rose Mary Jane store will soon be opening a consumption bar, allowing you to try these incredible cannabis beverages while you visit. Check out the Rose Mary Jane website to find out more about what we offer and where to find us.

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