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Filters: How Important Are They When Smoking?


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What are filters?

At some point in your life, you have probably heard the word “filter.” Maybe it was from someone cleaning a pool. Or your best friend asking you which “filter” looked the best on their Instagram photo. So what exactly is a filter when it comes to smoking? If we look at the actual definition of a filter, it refers to it as “a porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it.” This is one of the main benefits of using a filter in your joint! As stated earlier you are able to keep different toxins and carcinogens out of your lungs. In fact, this is why you see cigarettes with built-in filters. So to answer the question, “how important are they?”

Now you might be thinking, it’s because of the health benefits that come along with filters, which is true but it doesn’t just end there. Filters offer numerous features that can help elevate your experience to a whole new level.

Most Important Features Filters Offer

Overall Health Reasons

When it comes to smoking and inhaling any type of smoke, it can be dangerous and hard on your lungs. Cannabis offers many different medical benefits overall but can pollute and damage your lungs long-term.

Reduce Tar

Similar to cigarettes, cannabis can have an impact on your lung health. Many of the same carcinogens released in cigarettes are also found in cannabis. This is not to compare the two, but they say they’re similar. However, inhaling anything into your lungs is probably not “good” for you, but filters can catch some of the chemicals and keep them from going to your lungs.

Less Coughing

Reducing the amount of tar getting into your lungs will also help lessen the amount of coughing some users experience while smoking.

Other Features Filters Offer

Decrease “Scooby Snacks”

Scooby Snacks are the unwanted marijuana particles that get stuck on your lips or in your mouth each time you take a hit of a joint. A filter separates the flower so it never comes into direct contact with your mouth; therefore, you can avoid scooby snacks.

Say Goodbye to Roaches

You know when you smoke a joint and get to the end, but there's nothing to hold onto anymore? Well, a filter will make it possible to smoke the entire roach (last bit of weed) and not waste any! This feature is beneficial since many people end up burning themselves trying to smoke the last bit or end up tossing the rest.

Minimize Burns

As you say so long to roaches you can also say goodbye to burns! Filters give you something to hold onto that won’t burn your fingers as you hold onto the last bit of the joint. On top of this, it will lessen the chance of any embers blowing onto you.

Rolling Made Easier

If you’ve ever rolled a joint, you know it can be difficult to get right. But practice makes perfect! With a filter, rolling can be easier because the filter gives the joint a shape and better consistency. You can roll and shape the joint around the size of the filter and have a better idea of how much cannabis to add so the paper doesn’t split.

Types of Filters

Organic Corn Husk Filter

The corn husk filter tips help deliver great quality flavor as it cools down the smoke bypassing it. The durability is far greater than a glass filter and will not shatter or break if it is dropped! It does an excellent job preventing any flower from falling out as well.

Unbleached Paper Rolling Tips

This filter option is extremely popular amongst many users because unbleached paper rolling tips are extremely cheap. Also with this method, you can be creative with the way you roll and insert them to get the most out of your filter. Ordering them pre-rolled is another option, so you don’t have to roll them yourself!

Glass Filters

Many people love using glass filters because it gives smoking a high-end feeling. Glass filters also display cool designs people create while giving that special and authentic look and feel. Like other filters, these are efficient and help cool down the bypassing smoke and emphasizing the flavor. Be careful not to drop this filter! If it breaks and glass gets mixed up with the cannabis, it’s best to just sweep it up and throw it away.

Silicon Filters

Silicon filters are not very popular amongst all the different options. They provide an efficient way to smoke while avoiding all the problems you’d face without a filter. Due to the wide variety of better options in the smoking world, they fall to the bottom of the line. However, these filters are cheap and extremely easy to clean so if you’re looking for something convenient, try it out!

Charcoal Filter

Charcoal filters are on the rise to being a popular choice when it comes to filters. These filters contain little pieces of charcoal inside that enhance your smoking experience. They have the ability to reduce the harshness of the smoke as well as prevent your hands from smelling like smoke after you are done.

How to make your own filter

Now that we have gone over different types of filters, it's important to note that if you don’t have one of these products on hand there's no need to worry! Filters can be made with different household materials.

Step 1.

Find some sort of a paper material that is thicker than printing paper, but thinner than cardboard or even a cereal box.

Try using:

  • An Index card
  • Envelope
  • A magazine subscription card

Step 2.

There are different ways you can roll your paper to create the filter. Some people will just roll the paper into a cylinder shape like you would roll up a sleeping bag. You can make a more efficient filter by just adding a few extra folds. Try folding one end of the paper into a V or M shape (without creasing the paper), then proceed to fold the paper into a cylinder. If the filter feels too tight then take it out and loosen the folds.

Step 3.

For the last step, take the filter and align it with the paper at the edge of one of the sides. Pack your joint with your favorite strain and roll it as normal. When the product is rolled, you can place the filter by aligning it with the end of the joint so it doesn’t stick out.

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