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How To Make Simple Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil (Recipe)


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    Are you interested in adding your favorite stress-reducing, vibration-raising herb into a discreet and convenient edible? Infused oils are a great place to start. And coconut oil is one of the best cannabis-infused oils out there.

    Cannabis-infused coconut oil is one of the most versatile, thanks to its practically unlimited number of uses.

    Best of all, you don’t have to be a chemistry buff or culinary genius to whip up a batch of premium weed coconut oil. All it takes is a few basic kitchen utensils and a little patience.

    Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe

    Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide for making cannabis coconut oil with minimal equipment. If you are looking for cannabis-infused butter, you’ll want to head over to this recipe.

    For this method, you’ll need:

    • 1 cup coconut oil (raw, virgin oil works best)
    • 10 to 15 g of buds of your preferred strain
    • A double-boiler (or an improvised setup consisting of a bowl and saucepan)
    • A spatula
    • A colander or wire strainer
    • A cheesecloth
    • A mason jar or similar resealable glass storage container

    Does this already sound like too much effort? Ceres offers to do all the heavy lifting for you with expertly formulated cannabis capsules, combining the power of cannabinoids with coconut oil. All in an easy to dose, mess-free capsule format.

    Step 1 - Decarboxylate Your Cannabis

    Anytime you’re using cannabis for culinary purposes, it’s important to decarboxylate it before combining it with your other ingredients.

    Don’t run away screaming if you’re not familiar with this term. It simply means heating the weed at a low temperature to “activate” it. This will help it achieve its full potency, much like the way you toast cooking herbs and spices to bring out their more complex notes.

    Set your oven to “bake” and preheat it to around 240 to 250℉ (115-121℃). While it’s warming up, grind your cannabis and spread it out in a thin layer on a baking sheet. Once your oven gets up to temp, place the cannabis on the middle rack. Set a timer for 40 to 45 minutes.

    Keep an eye on your weed while it’s in the oven. Different varieties react to heat differently, so some strains might need more time and others might need less. You want to pull the ground herb out just when the vibrant green begins to take on a golden-brown hue.

    This step will be especially important if you plan on using your cannabis coconut oil for edibles, as potency will likely be a primary concern.

    Step 2 - Melt Your Coconut Oil

    Fill the lower pot of your double boiler with water, place it on the stovetop, and bring it to a low boil. If you don’t have a double boiler, add the water to a small saucepan, then place a glass bowl with a slightly wider diameter on top.

    Transfer your still-solid coconut oil into the upper double boiler pot or bowl. It will melt instantly, but you still want to keep it on the heat throughout the entire process—that’s where the magic happens.

    Step 3 - Add Your Decarbed Weed

    Now it’s time to introduce your main ingredient. Dump the bud in and give it a good stir to make sure it’s distributed evenly throughout the liquefied oil.

    Take a moment to marvel at the beauty of the resulting suspension, all glossy and alive with a cascade of shimmering deep green flakes like a tiny school of reality-altering fish. Ooh. Aah.

    Step 4 - Simmer the Weed-and-Oil Mixture for 3-6 Hours

    You have a pretty wide window here in terms of your exact cook time, depending on how strong you want the finished infusion to be.

    Three-to-four hours will produce a relatively mild concoction that brightens your mood and gives you a healthy body buzz. At five-to-six, you’re looking at a high that you’ll likely spend the rest of the day (and possibly part of the next) riding out on the couch.

    Choose wisely and consume responsibly, regardless of whether or not you have any obligations that might require you to leave the house in the immediate future.

    Step 5 – Strain the Infused Oil

    Take a cheesecloth and stretch it out over the bottom of your colander or strainer. Next, position the colander or strainer over a mason jar or other resealable glass container. While the weed-infused oil is still nice and hot, pour it through the strainer and into the waiting container.

    Use the edge of your spatula to scrape out all those good bits that would otherwise be left behind.

    Give the oil a minute or two to seep through the double filter. Then, fold the edges of the cheesecloth down around the saturated cannabis leaves to form a small pouch. Squeeze the pouch from all angles to extract as much additional oil as possible.

    Trust us. You don’t want to waste so much as a drop of this stuff.

    Note: Glass containers are preferable to plastics and other materials, as they won’t leach harmful chemicals into your infusion or interfere with its flavor characteristics in any way.

    Step 6 – Allow the Infused Oil to Resolidify

    Once you’ve wrung out every last trace of oil, place the lid on your container and seal it tight.

    You can either leave it sitting out on the countertop, where it will harden within a few hours, or stick it in the fridge for faster results. Afterward, you’ll have roughly a cup of pure, potent herb-infused coconut oil to draw on whenever the urge strikes you.

    Cannabis Coconut Oil Uses

    This easy-peasy DIY weed coconut oil has loads of potential applications, including but not limited to:

    • Enjoying as-is—just swallow a spoonful and wait for lift-off.
    • Using it as a “charged” fat for cooking and baking edibles
    • Upgrading any recipe that calls for ordinary coconut oil
    • Applying it topically to sore muscles, aching joints, and other problem areas
    • Compounding the healing and relaxing benefits of a massage
    • Nourishing dry, itchy, irritated, or inflamed skin
    • Soothing and undoing the harmful effects of sunburn
    • Making keto-friendly, bud-enhanced bulletproof coffee (this one is a personal favorite).

    Coconut oil is one of nature's miracle foods, so it only makes sense to combine it with the power of cannabis for therapeutic benefit. Whether baked into a vegan edible or massaged into the skin, coconut-infused cannabis oil is a great DIY product to have in the pantry.

    Cannabis infused coconut oil is perfect as an edible or a topical

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