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Jar Co. Chem Diesel
Flower - Sativa
Chem Diesel is an uplifting hybrid created through the cross of Chem 91 with Sour Diesel. The diesel aroma is the first thing you will notice about this strain. The buds have subtle sweet and sour notes behind a strong odor of gasoline. The high Chem Diesel produces is energizing, uplifting, and euphoric, so it's a great option for turning a bad day around. After your first hit, you will feel the muscles in your face and forehead relax as tension melts away and your mind is able to let go of the stress it was holding on to. A warm body buzz will spread throughout your body, leaving your muscles relaxed without zapping your energy. Chem Diesel's uplifting high makes it a great option for social settings, creative work, or any other daytime activities.
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