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Start 2022 Off Right With This Wellness RoutineCannabis

It may be hard to believe, but 2022 is upon us, and frankly we’re ready for it. After nearly two years of pandemic living, now is a great time to get yourself into the best shape of your life in every way: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With cannabis near me now so accessible, it’s easier than ever to get the motivation. That’s why we’ve put together this handy wellness guide, which will help you live your best life as your best self this coming year. And guess what? Cannabis can assist with every aspect of that. Here’s how.

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Best Cannabis Strains for CreativityMore Articles Section

Did you know, certain cannabis strains have been known to help people increase their creativity? Ever want or need an extra creativity boost? Keep reading to learn which cannabis strains can help you hone in on your creative side and take a look at some of the different people who’ve used cannabis to help reach their creative potential.

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Getting Social with Cannabis: What You Need to KnowMore Articles Section

Is cannabis the new alcohol? Perhaps! In the last couple of years, cannabis has become the go-to choice for parties, BBQs, family reunions, and pretty much every other social event in Seattle you can think of. With marijuana delivery in Washington widely available, it’s now easy to get your hands on a social strain of weed instead of a case of beer. If you’re considering trading your cans for cannabis this weekend, here’s what you need to know to get started.

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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil (Recipe)More Articles Section

Are you looking for a versatile way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? cannabis-infused olive oil may become your new pantry staple. Whether you would like to make a cannabis-infused olive oil salad dressing or sauté vegetables in a cannabis olive oil tincture, cannabis-infused olive oil is great to have on hand. You can easily make your own cannabis olive oil in just a few easy steps.

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What is Decarboxylation? (and How to Decarb Weed)More Articles Section

Have you ever heard of decarbing weed? Don’t let the scientific name scare you off; decarboxylation is not as complex as it sounds. Yet, if you plan on making edibles at home, you must understand the basics of cannabis decarboxylation. With a quick read-through of this article, all your decarbing questions will be answered — including three methods to try in your own kitchen.

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How to Make Cannabutter (Recipe)More Articles Section

Are you interested in learning how to make edibles? Cannabis-infused butter is a versatile way for making edibles of practically any type. While making marijuana butter can seem a bit tricky if you've never done it before, the following guide will teach you how to make cannabutter even if you're a total beginner. Tasty, potent edibles await!

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Filters: How Important Are They When Smoking?More Articles Section

Filters are quite essential to enhancing your time spent smoking as they ensure a cleaner and better-tasting hit, but what other great features do they offer that makes them so important? Well, probably the most important feature they generously offer is reducing the number of toxins and carcinogens traveling to your lungs with each puff. Keep reading to find out the various ways filters can be made and how they make a key impact when smoking!

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10 Last Minute Canna-Christmas GiftsMore Articles Section

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the holiday season. And while it’s always fun to get into the festive spirit by baking cookies and sipping mulled wine, shopping for presents can be a little bit stressful, even for the most adept gift giver. Is today the year you branch out into cannabis gifts? To that end, if you need a little help selecting Christmas presents for the cannabis lovers in your life, we have you covered. Here are 10 last-minute canna-Christmas gift ideas.

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Rose Mary Jane baking with Cannabis.jpg.jpg
Spreading Holiday Cheer: Baking with CannabisMore Articles Section

Looking for ways to make the most wonderful time of the year even more delicious? Yes, you can do a quick search for ‘edibles near me.’ But why not get a bit creative? We have you covered, especially if you’re a baking aficionado with a special place in your heart for cannabis. You see, sweet treats and cannabis are two of our favorite things, so what better way to merge them than with two delicious, homemade recipes? To that end, here are a pair of holiday baking recipes to fill you with festive cheer.

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